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Dr. Med. Ioannis Peros

Professionalism.  Excellence.  Experience.

Your specialist

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Welcome to Dr. med. Ioannis Peros, the dermatologist who can improve the health, function and beauty of the skin in every phase of life through medical and cosmetic interventions.  

Dr. med. Ioannis Peros specializes in classical dermatology, in operative and aesthetic dermatology. He is also familiar with modern medical laser technology. Dr. med. Ioannis Peros is a mentor of the "International Mentorship Program of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS)" and "DASIL". 

Areas of Expertise

Muscle relaxant


Vampire lifting

Their skin

The skin is the largest human organ and its importance is often underestimated. The health of your skin is important to me and all your skin problems are in good hands with me. Changes in the skin must always be taken seriously and clarified.

Their skin

Feeling good in your own body is essential and has a fundamental influence on your quality of life. If you disturb certain zones so that you constantly feel uncomfortable, then a consultation is worthwhile - I can record all the possibilities for a more positive appearance. As a qualified doctor for aesthetic surgery, I can use the latest technology and tissue-friendly to achieve a visible improvement in shape that suits my personality. 

Their skin

A fresh, positive appearance strengthens self-confidence and can now be achieved with advanced methods and little effort. This includes treatment with laser, muscle relaxant, hyaluronic acid or the latest innovation - injection of autologous fat. This treatment is very much appreciated because the body's own fat cells are used and thus such an intervention also meets the requirement for naturalness. 

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